Sunday, February 7, 2010

I think I was born in the wrong generation. I have a 67 Camaro in the garage and I think the best music was all written before there was such a thing as an IPOD.
Watching Pete and Roger during the 1/2 time show at the super bowl play songs from 30+ years ago beats watching the Grammys and seeing Lady Gaga. Let's be honest with ourselves- most music today is gone before you can finish the download.
I think there are just too many "musicians" today. It seems anyone these day can release a song or album. In days past talent was a true requirement now it is access to a high speed internet connection.
O well. The Who and Led Zepplin will be played long into the future. Let's hope the master recordings for Cold Play are lost and the future generations of music fans can be spared.
It's just my opinion and if you don't agree... listen to Baba O'Riley and then some current top 40 hit. You be the judge.
Been a long time since I rock and rolled.

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