Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The second half

The name of this blog is "Milesandbrews". I think lately, I have been focusing on the "miles" and ignoring the "brews" part.
Well it's Wednesday night and the weekend is only a few days away. Before this training took all of my time, my friends and I would spend Wednesday night at a local bar named, The Flying Saucer. I miss hanging out with my friends.
When I was younger, "grown ups" were shown on TV as being free to hang out and have fun. The days were spent soaking up the sun and what ever brew they were selling. YOU LIED TO ME. Being an adult means hard work and responsibility.
O well. I love my life and my family. I might not be able to relax and spend the days drinking and soaking up the sun- but I do have a great life.
By the way- it's Wednesday so having a beer is a good thing. Tonight's choice: Stone brewery's 14th anniversary IPA- very nice.
There will be enough time for running and such tomorrow.



Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pain or no pain

As I age, mystery pains seem to pop up every once in a while and then disappear.

A few years ago after a strong run on a 10K, I was not able to bend my knee and found myself in a MRI machine. Nothing was found after the scan except it did a good job making my wallet lighter! Now the "feeling" in my knee is back. Ice and cross training my knee seems to help.

The best "cure", however, is rest and not running. Why do I find it so hard to slow down? I did a tough 10 mile run this morning on a hilly course and now my knee is mad at me.

Why does more always seem better? Is extra running really going to make a difference if my issue with the knee does not clear up?

O'well... I guess I can keep pushing. There will be plenty of time to rest after new June 26th.

Got to rest up- a 50+ bike ride waits for me tomorrow morning.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

"XX you are an Ironman"

In the world of triathlons- the big goal is the Iron distance race. It's a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike race, followed by an nice 26.2 mile run (a full marathon).
After years of doing shorter races, I've recently signed up for a full Iron distance race.
Ford owns the name "Iron Man" for their race series. I have signed up for "IronMan" Coeur d' Alene in Idaho. When I cross the finish line, an announcer is going to say "Bill Morrison, you are an IronMan"

It's going to be a very long, tough year. I have an outstanding wife who is patient and understands the time and expense that this event requires.

So here we go. If you are reading this blog, join me for a year's journey to what will be my most difficult physical challenge.

I'll keep you up to date and see you at the finish line...


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back to reality

My wife and I just returned from a two week fantastic vacation in Europe.
We toured several great cities and enjoyed every minute of our time. We stayed out late, ate great food, explored a 13th century castle, and met the nicest people. As might be obvious from my blog's name, I like beer. Belgium has the best brew in the world- period. Our days were spent trying every beer we saw.
It is so nice to take a great vacation. We work hard during the year and this was most likely our best vacation ever.
It was tough to come home but all good things must come to an end.
I thought it would be hard to transition from vacation to the "real world".
When we returned to our home airport, I went to pick up my truck. A very dead battery was waiting for me.
Welcome home- I guess reality was expecting me!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tired and sore - I'm happy!!!!!

My wife and I are triathletes. Not Pros or folks who win- just folks who compete and have fun.
This weekend's schedule included a hot ten mile run on Saturday and a lake swim and bike on Sunday.
We meet up with some friends and shared a tough work out with lunch afterwards.
I sometimes think about what I want to do for a living when I grow up. Well after 42 years, I'm kinda grown up already. Sometimes I feel old but a tough work out and pushing myself always reminds me how lucky I am.
Enjoy every moment- we are not promised a tomorrow. We might as well enjoy today.
So- enjoy your today. I'm signing off the computer to spend this day with the folks (my wife) and creatures (my dogs) I love the most.

Might not have a tomorrow so I'm gonna enjoy this moment.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a great Sunday

My wife and I have been enjoying our back deck the past few weeks. It's so nice to sit out and enjoy a beer or two...
Life has been really good lately and sometimes its scary. We had a bad year in 08 but since then things have been great.
One of the things I have learned as I've aged is to enjoy the moment. There are so many things demanding our time and commitments are piled on top of one another. I have been understanding more and more the value of family and in our case- our dogs.
When I am on my death bed, my thoughts are not going to be about work. The only way I'm going to look back on my life and feel satisfied is if I focus on what is important- family (including my great dogs).
So my advice to you- turn off the computer and enjoy the moment. Life is full of great moments- enjoy them.


Sunday, February 28, 2010

You can sleep when you're dead

My wife and I are both pretty active. We run, bike, swim, walk our dogs, and all round seem to always be moving.
It's a Sunday afternoon and the grocery store has been visited (thanks to my great wife), I've run many miles (My wife ran yesterday), many loads of laundry are done, and the bathrooms are clean.
I almost feel guilty sitting on the sofa watching TV. We are watching one of my wife's favorite shows- Charmed. I don't feel too guilty about watching Alyssa Milano but it does feel like I should be doing more work around the house.
Why do I always feel that I must be doing more? I guess Facebook and other social sites are partly to blame. As I look at what other folks are doing, I feel like I need to keep up.
Well you know what- who cares? I work hard during the week and if I want to spend a Sunday relaxing on the sofa with my wife- I'm going to do just that!
See you on Monday for a busy week of trying to squeeze 50 hours of work into a 40 hour week. Now, I'm off the frig to see what brew is next... cheers.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sorry Hallmark

Today is Valentine's day and my wife and I decided to spend the day with our two dogs. A really nice dinner- steak and lobster tails- is on the menu. But it will be cooked on our stove in our comfortable home.
It seems these days there are holidays for almost every special interest group: Admin day at work, boss day, bring your dog to work day, grandparents' day- the list goes on and on. Do we really need all of these holidays? Do we really need Hallmark and other greeting card companies reminding us who is special in our lives?
If our lives have gotten to the point that we only treat our wives special on Feb 14th, or thank our hard working admins on one day maybe we should skip the greeting card isle and fix our priorities.
A great goal for 2010 would be to make our wives feel so special every day of the year that Feb 14th is just another day. Of course, if folks stopped purchasing Valentine's day cards, Hallmark would come up with another holiday.
How about, "National drink beer at work day". I'll buy a 12 oz of that card!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I think I was born in the wrong generation. I have a 67 Camaro in the garage and I think the best music was all written before there was such a thing as an IPOD.
Watching Pete and Roger during the 1/2 time show at the super bowl play songs from 30+ years ago beats watching the Grammys and seeing Lady Gaga. Let's be honest with ourselves- most music today is gone before you can finish the download.
I think there are just too many "musicians" today. It seems anyone these day can release a song or album. In days past talent was a true requirement now it is access to a high speed internet connection.
O well. The Who and Led Zepplin will be played long into the future. Let's hope the master recordings for Cold Play are lost and the future generations of music fans can be spared.
It's just my opinion and if you don't agree... listen to Baba O'Riley and then some current top 40 hit. You be the judge.
Been a long time since I rock and rolled.

Super Sunday?

It's Super Bowl Sunday and I think I'm the only one who is not excited about watching the game. My goal is to watch what will be a great 1/2 time show. The chance to see The Who is not to be missed.
Don't get me wrong- I like sports. I just would prefer to be doing something instead of watching other people "play". I am a runner and a triathele. I think I'll set up my bike trainer and ride while my wife watches the game.
I don't need to be asked twice to sit on the sofa and have a beer. But the thought of spending hours watching a game on TV just does not get me excited.
O well- I guess I will continue to be the only one around that does not think this Super Bowl Sunday is all that "super".
Roger and Pete, however, will make for a "super" 12 minutes at some point this evening.
Enjoy the game- I'll be on my bike trainer thinking about the beer I'll be enjoying during the 1/2 time show. By the way- the beer will be Stone Ruination IPA.