Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The second half

The name of this blog is "Milesandbrews". I think lately, I have been focusing on the "miles" and ignoring the "brews" part.
Well it's Wednesday night and the weekend is only a few days away. Before this training took all of my time, my friends and I would spend Wednesday night at a local bar named, The Flying Saucer. I miss hanging out with my friends.
When I was younger, "grown ups" were shown on TV as being free to hang out and have fun. The days were spent soaking up the sun and what ever brew they were selling. YOU LIED TO ME. Being an adult means hard work and responsibility.
O well. I love my life and my family. I might not be able to relax and spend the days drinking and soaking up the sun- but I do have a great life.
By the way- it's Wednesday so having a beer is a good thing. Tonight's choice: Stone brewery's 14th anniversary IPA- very nice.
There will be enough time for running and such tomorrow.



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