Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pain or no pain

As I age, mystery pains seem to pop up every once in a while and then disappear.

A few years ago after a strong run on a 10K, I was not able to bend my knee and found myself in a MRI machine. Nothing was found after the scan except it did a good job making my wallet lighter! Now the "feeling" in my knee is back. Ice and cross training my knee seems to help.

The best "cure", however, is rest and not running. Why do I find it so hard to slow down? I did a tough 10 mile run this morning on a hilly course and now my knee is mad at me.

Why does more always seem better? Is extra running really going to make a difference if my issue with the knee does not clear up?

O'well... I guess I can keep pushing. There will be plenty of time to rest after new June 26th.

Got to rest up- a 50+ bike ride waits for me tomorrow morning.


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