Sunday, February 28, 2010

You can sleep when you're dead

My wife and I are both pretty active. We run, bike, swim, walk our dogs, and all round seem to always be moving.
It's a Sunday afternoon and the grocery store has been visited (thanks to my great wife), I've run many miles (My wife ran yesterday), many loads of laundry are done, and the bathrooms are clean.
I almost feel guilty sitting on the sofa watching TV. We are watching one of my wife's favorite shows- Charmed. I don't feel too guilty about watching Alyssa Milano but it does feel like I should be doing more work around the house.
Why do I always feel that I must be doing more? I guess Facebook and other social sites are partly to blame. As I look at what other folks are doing, I feel like I need to keep up.
Well you know what- who cares? I work hard during the week and if I want to spend a Sunday relaxing on the sofa with my wife- I'm going to do just that!
See you on Monday for a busy week of trying to squeeze 50 hours of work into a 40 hour week. Now, I'm off the frig to see what brew is next... cheers.

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